Dec 6, 2019

8 Israeli firms eye collaboration with Myanmar businesses

Eight Israeli companies which are members of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC) are willing to go into partnership with Myanmar entrepreneurs, according to a letter sent by the Myanmar embassy to Israel in Tel Aviv. The companies offer to cooperate with foreign firms, and a request letter was sent to the Myanmar's business community through the Myanmar embassy to Israel informing that they want to go into partnership with Myanmar businesspeople. The eight Israeli companies are Tadiran Consumer & Technology Products Ltd, Synergo by Medical Enterprises Group, Tevatronic Ltd, Agriculture-Ein Harod ACA Ltd, Wekah Technologies Ltd, Green Oxygen Brand, Wekah Technologies Ltd, Moskovits Inventions Ltd and Total Biz Business Consultancy. Myanmar entrepreneurs wishing to do business with those Israeli firms may view details on their official websites and contact Ms. Yonat Keren, International Relations Division of FICC (email: Israel invested US$2.4 million in Myanmar from 1988-89 fiscal year to October 2019, according to the Directorate of Investment and Companies Administration. Bilateral cooperation between the two countries had developed in various fields including education, agriculture, health and the economy. Since 1994, successful ongoing collaborations in agriculture and livestock is taking place in cooperation with AICAT (Arava International center for Agricultural Training) and the Granot Agro-Studies Group and later also with the Ramat Negev Agro Research Center. Source: Eleven


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