Aug 22, 2019

Over 29,000 tons of rice exported via Myanmar-China trade camps in July

More than 29,000 tons of rice were exported to China through Myanmar-China border trade camps in July this year, exceeding over 3,000 tons compared to June, according to the Ministry of Commerce. 

From July 27 to August 2 again, over 8,000 tons of rice were exported—over 7,300 tons via Muse 105th trade zone, about 500 tons via Chinshwehaw trade camp and over 160 tons via Loijel trade camp. 

In the whole July, over 29,000 tons or rice were exported through those trade camps but the amount exceeded by over 3,000 tons when compared to June. 

Myanmar exported over 400,000 tons of broken rice worth over US$100 million to 36 countries over the past 10 months with 50 percent of the total tonnage going to Belgium, according to Myanmar Rice Federation. 

"We earned US$107.147 million from exporting 400,689 tons of broken rice to 36 countries from October 1 to August 2 in the current 2018-2019 fiscal year," said an official from the Ministry of Commerce. 

Source:  Eleven Weekly Media