Aug 9, 2017

Myanmar accounts for 1.6 percent of world rubber export

There are more than 90 rubber exporting countries around the globe, with Asian countries accounting for 80 percent of the world rubber export, while African countries export 8.5 percent.

Between April 1 to July 28 of this fiscal year, Myanmar exported 10,000 tons of rubber via sea route and more than 30,000 tons via border trade. About 75 percent of rubber export is from Muse 105th Mile border trade camp and Chinshwehaw border trade camp on China-Myanmar border.

This year Myanmar is exporting rubber to six countries, with most of the exports going to China, Malaysia and Japan, according to the Commerce Ministry.

From July 22 to 28, Myanmar exported 1,055 tons of rubber worth US$ 1.352 million inland — 108 tons of RSS-3 rubber and nine tons of RSS-5 rubber via Muse border trade zone, 358 tons of RSS-3 rubber and 93 tons of MSR-20 rubber via Chinshwehaw border trade camp and 106 tons of rubber latex via Tachilek border trade camp.

From July 23 to 28, Myanmar exported 479 tons of rubber worth US$ 0.654 million via sea route — about 81 tons of TSR-20 to China, 247 tons of TSR-20 rubber to South Korea and 151 tons of MSR-20 to Japan.

Source: The Jakarta Post