Apr 25, 2016

Steel Factory in Shan State to Open by July

The No.2 Steel Mill in Taunggyi township in Shan State will open within two months, according to the Ministry of Industry.

Using ore from the iron mine at Pin Pet region, the Ministry will produce steel using ‘Romelt process’ – a technology from Russia-based Tyazhprom Export. This process is used because it is less costly and compatible with the mineral found in Myanmar, according to a Ministry announcement.

The second-level test run occurred on March 20, and the plant is expected to open in June or by the first of July, according to MOI.

“This factory has been built based on the Pin Pet iron ore mines. From the waste products of this factory, 40 megawatts of electricity will be produced. Out of this, 15 percent will be returned to the national power grids,” a Ministry official said.

The factory will produce 200,000 tonnes of pig iron annually pulling from the roughly 70 million tonnes of iron ore in the area. It will be the first iron smelter in the Pin Pet region.

Source: Myanmar Business Today