Mar 19, 2016

Private Fuel Stations Reach Over 1,200 in Myanmar

The number of private fuel refilling stations reached 1,228 in the country, according to the Ministry of Energy.

A total of 261 out of 273 fuel stations were privatised over the past five years, the ministry added.

Fuel stations were state-owned before 2010. The government still remains the sole distributor of natural gas.

Currently, there are six storage tanks and 12 tankers.

The private companies which have been granted for importing petrol and diesel reached 406. The Pioneer Services and the National Puma Energy has been permitted the license for distributing aviation fuel.

Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise recently reached an agreement with Singapore-based Ava Kahyasi Investment Pte Co and SAME Sky and Guiding Star companies, which are owned by Myanmar nationals, to cooperate in importing, storage and distribution of liquified petroleum gas.

Source: Myanmar Business Today