Nov 19, 2015

Online Group Invests in New Recruitment Website

Internet holding company MMOne Online Group has launched a new job website,, in a bid to tap the rapid growth of online recruitment in the human resources and corporate sectors.

The company claims that its website allows users to easily find jobs in various categories such as engineering, sales, marketing, finance or HR from companies in Myanmar.

The website also has a dedicated section with jobs targeted to more experienced personnel as well as for expats in Myanmar, given the demand for more qualified senior roles and expats in the country.

“We provide job seekers a simple and easy way to find thousands of quality jobs and employers to find their next great hire and develop their employer brand,” said Matt De Luca, managing director of

The entire business model of the website is based on supporting employers to identify their job requirements, and then promote those jobs to prospective job seekers.

As internet penetration rises in Myanmar, companies are increasingly turning to online recruitment and sourcing.

“We have been closely monitoring Myanmar for almost three years and we decided now is the right time to enter the market and activate,” Justin Sway, founder and CEO of MMOne.

“Mobile coverage and internet penetration are growing at an incredible pace and soon most of the population will be fully connected. It’s the next evolution of the country and it’s very exciting and satisfying to be part of this rapid change in Myanmar. Our investment is significant and we intend to be the leading provider in our selected online markets,” Sway added.

MMOne earlier this year also invested in, a real estate portal in Myanmar.

Source: Myanmar Business Today