Mar 15, 2015

Industrial products top export list

Among Myanmar's seven major export categories, industrial finished products have earned the most income, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

The seven categories are: agricultural and fishery products, animal products, mineral extractions, forest products, industrial finished products and others.

Industrial goods such as gas and garments have brought in US$5 billion this fiscal year, which is more than each of the other sectors.

Agricultural products earned $2.3 billion, animal products $7.3 million, fishery $376 million, minerals $1.4 billion, forest products $76 million and goods exported under the 'others' category $783 million.

The country's export strategy depends heavily on natural resources such as gas, teak, farm and marine products.

Last year's signature export product was natural gas, which alone earned over $3 billion, according to ministry figures.

Myanmar's exports are transported through land border routes and sea lanes; the latter accounts for more trade volume.

Myanmar operates border transactions with China, Thailand, India and Bangladesh.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media