Mar 9, 2015

560 mines discovered, coal output expected to rise

560 new mines have been discovered since May, 2013, according to the National Energy Policy and the National Energy Management Committee.

According to the Ministry of Mine, the country now has 540 million tonnes of coal deposits and more mines are expected to be found in the future.

The coal production is likely to increase by 5 million tonne in the future.

Most of the coal deposits are concentrated in Sagaing, Magway, Taninthayi, Ayeyawady regions and the Shan State.

Although the country has abundance of coal reserves, only a few mines have been extracted since most mines are located in remote regions. Environmental and social impact assessments are also being recommended before mining for coal.

At present, about 57 private companies and some other governmental projects have manufactured 700,000 metric tonnes of coal a year. The coal, however, is of low quality mostly lignite and sub-bituminous.

The 120-megawatt Tikyit coal-powered electricity plant in Shan State is the only plant that runs with lignite.

There are 10 coal-fuelled power plants under studies in Taninthayi, Yangon, Ayeyawady, Sagaing regions and the Shan State.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media