Feb 4, 2015

Myanmar's tycoon company to operate helicopter service

The Air Myanmar Aviation Service, one of national tycoon's group of companies, has been granted to operate the first-ever helicopter service to facilitate air transport, according to the Civil Aviation Department Tuesday.

Using two AS350 B3 helicopters, the company will provide the service in the country and its helicopters are set to land at airports and other designated heliports in the country.

Myanmar is upgrading its aviation business in a bid to boost the air transport sector amid growing tourist arrivals in the country year-on-year.

As part of the move, it has recently corporatized Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) in operation to facilitate investment in air transportation technology and services.

The airline plans to expand its current fleet with new Boeing aircrafts to modernize its flight services.

Domestic private airlines in operation in Myanmar comes to eight, while foreign airlines that fly Myanmar remain as 24.

According to statistics, the number of tourist arrivals has increased year by year, reaching 3.05 million in 2014, up from 2. 04 million in 2013.

The country targets 5 million tourists for 2015.

Source: Shanghai Daily