Jan 3, 2015

Nuts and Kernels Market in Myanmar: Business Report 2014

This report is a comprehensive research of nuts and kernels market in Myanmar.

The report starts with giving brief country profile for Myanmar, including general information and main economic indicators.

Further, the report provides in-depth analyses nuts and kernels market in the country. It identifies key market players, including major producers, wholesalers and distributing companies. The third chapter is fully devoted to Myanmar's nuts and kernels market foreign trade. It evaluates volumes and dynamics of imports and exports within the sector in the recent three years.

The last chapter lists all major Myanmar consumers of nuts and kernels, as well as provides results of the purchase activity monitoring related to these materials, which is achieved due to keeping track of various tenders databases, websites and marketplaces.

The aim of this study is to provide a tool which will assist strategy group and the management team specialists in making correct decisions as how to penetrate the Myanmar market and how to catch the maximum commercial opportunities in dealing with business partners in this country.

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