Jan 26, 2015

Kyaukpyu SEZ developers to be announced in February

The list of would-be developers for Kyaukpyu Special Economic Zone will be announced in mid-February, according to members of the Economy Zone Tender Invitation and Scrutiny Committee (BEAC). The committee says discussions are now under way with companies initially selected for the SEZ. "Detailed discussions are under way to pick out the perfect companies among those which submitted their bids for the SEZ. Three developers will be announced in mid-February," said Ba Shwe, a committee member. The committee also said preparation for infrastructural development at the SEZ would start this month. Three companies would be selected under an international tender system to develop basic services, it said. The SEZ advisers will draft a master plan for the zone as well as for the entire Kyaukpyu area. “Since March 26 [last year], the consultants and the BEAC members have paid a five-day visit to Kyaukpyu. In addition, we need to draw the master plan for Yanbyae and Manaung islands in the overall development,” said Ba Shwe. The 12 most appropriate locations for the Kyaukpyu deep-sea harbour had been located, the committee reported. Source: Eleven Weekly Media