Jan 5, 2015

2014, record-breaking year for tourism sector

Last year’s tourist arrivals have set a new record, earning over one billion USD, according to the ministry of hotels and tourism. The number of tourist arrivals reached 3.5 million and earned 1.135 billion USD. The hotels and tourism ministry designated the 2014 as a record-breaking year as the tourist arrivals and tourism revenue in 2014 surpassed those in 2013. The record revenue in 2013 amounted to 926 million USD. Since the government designated the tourism as business three years ago, Myanmar’s tourism has been booming. The tourism sector receives more tourist arrivals and earned increased revenues year on year. The annual revenue generated from the government tourism sector accounts for one-quarter of total incomes. But private sectors and small-scale tourism businesses have earned more tourism revenues, according to the ministry of hotels and tourism. The number of tourist arrivals is expected to reach an estimated four or five million in the 2015. For that, the ministry is planning to expend its tourist destinations. The government officials from Myanmar and Thailand held discussions on the development of tourism sector in December 2014. Before these discussions, Myanmar has implemented its plan to develop tourism sector and tourist draws in cooperation with Germany, Norway, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia and Italy. Myanmar is implementing the Tourism Master Plan with the financial aid of about 500 million USD which is offered by Norway and the ADB. The ministry will expand its tourist destinations to the coastal regions and the national races regions in addition to its popular destinations—Bagan, Inlay, MraukU and Yangon. Source: Eleven Weekly Media