Dec 18, 2014

Natural Gas Exports Up 22 percent

Myanmar earned $2.64 billion from natural gas exports in 2014-15 fiscal year as of November 14, up $585.06 million than the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Myanmar exports its natural gas to neighbouring Thailand and China. Gas exports to Thailand started in 1999, and have since grown to consume 70 percent of the total production in Myanmar.

Gas exports to China began in 2013, originating from a pipeline from the controversial Shwe Gas project in Rakhine state along with one that runs from Kyaukphyu in Rakhine to Kunming province in China.

According to the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics, a total of 45 gas stations – 40 in Yangon, two in Mandalay and three in Magway – are supplying 27,755 registered natural gas fuelled vehicles in Myanmar of which 26,835 are in Yangon region.

In Myanmar, 24-hour gas stations are distributing 18 to 21 cubic feet of natural gas on average per day for vehicle use.

The government has encouraged the consumption of natural gas for vehicles in August by constructing natural gas distribution stations and issuing licences to vehicles allowing use of gas for fuel as part of the plan to cut gasoline and diesel consumption.

Source: Myanmar Business Today