Dec 22, 2014

Japan to grant US$40m to upgrade circular-train system

Japan will grant US$40 million to upgrade the Yangon’s circular-train system using the Control Centre System, according to the officials from the Ministry of Rail Transportation.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which conducted a feasibility study, recommended setting up a Control Centre System for the circular train.

“An MOU has already been signed with Japan. It is planning to complete this project as soon as possible. The cost of project is US$40 million with Japan shouldering the cost,” said Myint Wai, manager of the Transport Department, Ministry of Rail Transportation.

One of the aims of the project is to solve the city’s traffic jam by urging commuters to use the circular train system more.

This is the first project that Japan is granting fund for Yangon’s circular train system and it is also discussing with Myanmar government to grant more loans with low interest rates to upgrade the whole circular-train system in Yangon at an estimated cost of about US$2 billion, according to the officials.

The upgrading is slated to finish in 2015. The first step will be implemented in Danyingone-Yangon-Malwagone, said Htun Aung Thin, general manager of Lower Myanmar, the Ministry of Rail Transportation.

In addition to upgrading the circular-train system, it is also planning to replace all the coaches.

Reforms have been implemented in different sectors under the Ministry of Rail Transportation starting from 2012, according to the state officials.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media