Dec 29, 2014

4th Starch World Evaluates Myanmar's Potato, Corn Starch Market Potential

CMT’s industry-acclaimed 4th Starch World in Yangon on 29-30 January, 2015 examines Myanmar’s cassava industry and spotlights on "Developments in Clean Labelling, Modified Potato Starch & Extraction of Soluble Fibre from Starch Feedstocks" plus potential of "Cassava – the New Source for Starch Sweeteners".

Starch industry bigwigs are convening in Yangon this January for an intensive discussion on Myanmar’s vast potential as a cassava growing and processing region. The program is tailor-made with Myanmar-focused sessions such as ‘Overview of the Current Starch / Sweetener Market in Myanmar and the Potential for this Market to Develop in the Future’ by LMC International Ltd, ‘Evolution of Cassava Starch Production in Delta Region’ by Cassava Starch Association Kyonpyaw; ‘Cassava Plantation in Myanmar – Current Status & Prospects’ by CIAT (Int Center for Tropical Agriculture) and ‘Future Prospects for Cassava Starch Industrialization in Myanmar’ by Yuzana Co Ltd.

The 2015 summit will present an overview of ‘Pea Starch – Future Trends & Outlook’ by Meelunie B.V and ‘Modified Potato Starches and Resistant Dextrins’ by Roquette Shanghai. Further, delegates can look forward to vital insights on ‘Inclusive Business Models to Promote Sustainable Cassava Production in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam’ by SNV. Key hot topic on cassava for biofuel will be covered via two sessions: ‘Using Discarded Cassava Stems for Bioenergy Use – New Industry Developments’ by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and a joint ‘Update on the NEDO / Eiamburapa Co., Ltd Cassava pulp to bioethanol project’ by senior executives from NEDO and Sapporo Breweries Ltd.

Other vital topics in the agenda are:
• Inulin – Managing sugar with natural fibre from chicory – Cosucra Group Warcoing S.A.
• Clean Label - Back to the Stone Age or the Standard of the Future? – GoodMills Group
• Market driven Innovation – KMC Asia Pacific Ltd
• New Cassava Varieties with High Starch Content & Update on Starch Market In China – Guangxi Cassava Research Institute
• Cassava Bioethanol Prospects in Asia – China New Energy Limited
• Cassava factories as a net energy exporter – developments in cassava wastewater and high solid waste digestion – Asia Biogas Company Ltd.

The main highlight at this January summit is the optional full day tour of Kyonpyaw Cassava Fields and starch processing factories.

CMT’s Starch World Series is recognized as an important event for the industry that brings together senior executives from companies involved in Plantation , Agriculture / Agro Industrial Crops, Fermentation, Enzymes Suppliers, Companies that uses starch & starch derivatives – food, textiles, paper, pharmaceutical industries, Starch manufacturers from various feedstocks including rice, cassava, corn, wheat, tapioca, financial institutions, Ethanol Producers, Fertiliser Cos, Sugar Plantations Co, Equipment & Technology suppliers.
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