Jul 3, 2016

Open Tender: Myanmar Business Network is now accepting investment proposals from foreign and local investors (Deadline: July 9, 2016)

Since its humble beginnings in March of 2011, Myanmar Business Network (MBN) has become a leading Myanmar business news agreggator, ranked on the top of list of the major search engines, such as google, yahoo, etc. for "myanmar business" searches. With 40-45,000 pageviews per month and audience coming from all corners of the planet, our platform has gained a trully unique international recongnition and expanded its unrivaled business network within Myanmar and internationally.

At present, MBN is also a media partner of 80% of the international conferences/investment summits taking place in Myanmar, as well as a choice of brand exposure and quality PR via banner ad advertisements and press-releases for major multinational corporations and high-net-worth individuals operating in Myanmar.

Our aim is to continue growing in a sustainable way and promote Myanmar business in its most positive light as we believe that only positive and constructive thinking combined with unlimited imagination can take us to the new hights. To achieve our future goals and objectives, we are happy to invite reputable foreign and local investors, web designers, content managers, internet enthusiasts, and business media to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) for partnership with us and develop world-class sustainable business venture.


For more information or submission of your proposal, please contact evi@myanmar-business.org