Aug 29, 2014

Exports of beans and pulses reach US$400 million

Exports of beans and pulses reached almost US$400 million from the beginning of the fiscal year to August 15, with the amount totalling about 520,000 tonnes, the Ministry of Commerce said.

A total of 520,748 tonnes of beans and pulses were exported from April 1 to August 15 and their export value was $399.54 million, according to preliminary data from the ministry.

Green gram and green peas, also known as Mung beans, were the top export items in the category. About 400,000 tonnes were exported via sea routes and the rest by land routes. In dollar terms, exports by sea were valued at $296 million, while exports by land totaled $102.9 million.

The ministry also reported that total agricultural product exports exceeded more than $870 million, including rice and corn.

Most exports are to other Asian countries, though the country is beginning to crack some western markets. About 95 per cent of total trade last year was with other Asian countries. Total trade reached $23 billion last year.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media