Jul 31, 2014

1st Myanmar CNG for Transport, Industry and Power 2014 (Event report)

The inaugural 1st Myanmar CNG for Transport, Industry and Power 2014, co-organized with ANGVA and Myanmar New Technology Co. Ltd (MNT), successfully brought together 137 hard-to-access local stakeholders in one location, one room. 17 countries are represented at this forum. The gold sponsor is Hexagon Lincoln and 4 exhibitors were represented by Hexagon Lincoln, SAFE, Landirenzo, BRC and GT Autogas.

Key local stakeholders that attend include U Aung Htoo, Deputy Minister, Ministry Of Energy, U Myo Myint Oo , Managing Director, Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), U Phay Zin Tun, Director General – Energy Planning Department, MOGE, U Aung Khaing, President, Yangon Electricity and Supply Board, U Aung Khin, Regional Minister, Ministry of Transport, Col Khin Maung Kyaw, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry, U Kway Soe, Regional Minister, Ministry of Energy & Forest , Col. Myo Myint (Retd.), Managing Director, Bandoola Transportation Co. Ltd, Col. Thein Tun Win (Ret), Director – Parami Taxi, Bandoola Transportation Co. Ltd, Col. Thoung Win (Retd), Executive Committee Member, Myanmar Engineering Society, Col. Yin Mg Sein (Ret), Director – Buses, Bandoola Transportation Co. Ltd, U Myo Chit, Chairman, Flying Swallow Transport and many more.

The opening keynote VIP address was given by Chief Minister of Yangon, U Myint Swe. Following his opening speech, Lee Giok Seng, Executive Director, ANGVA gave a welcome address to the audience. Following the end of the speech, Chief Minister of Yangon, U Myint Swe, Lee Giok Seng and other VIP entourage visited the exhibition area while having refreshments.

Following the break, U Tun Maung Maung, Deputy Director–Production from Myanmar Oil And Gas Enterprise (MOGE), Ministry Of Energy gave a presentation on “Gas Utilization In Myanmar: Opportunities And Challenges”. He noted that local natural gas demand growth is increasing with a rate of 12.5 % per annum and Myanmar has a master plan to increase production and for export of natural gas. New discoveries of gas can be expected from both onshore and offshore blocks and will be prioritized for domestic supply. Myanmar has both onshore and offshore natural gas production whereby onshore natural gas production was 65 mmscfd while offshore production was 1530 mmscfd. All onshore gas was allocated for domestic consumption (29% for transport, 18% for power, 13% for industries, 31% for feedstock, and 9% for others). For the offshore gas, 1202 mmscfd gas was exported to Thailand and China and 328 mmscfd was allocated for domestic consumption (95 % for power and 5 % for industries).

One of the biggest transportation companies utilizing CNG as fuel presented next. Col. Myo Myint (Retd.), Managing Director from Bandoola Transportation Co. Ltd gave a focused presentation on “ CNG Conversion and Usage in Myanmar”. Bandoola owns the Parami CNG station – the flag-off location for ANGVA 2011 Green Highways. The Parami CNG Station is located inside the Bandoola Transportation’s CNG bus depot. Bandoola Transportation operates 600 CNG buses and 700 taxis and the Parami CNG Station also supply CNG to other CNG vehicle operators.

The next presenter U Hla Win Htay, General Manager- CNG from Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), Ministry Of Energy gave a detailed presentation on “Status of CNG Activities & Technology in Myanmar”. He explained the beginning of NGV in Myanmar in 1986. Currently there are 27,756 natural gas vehicles and 45 stations (including daughter stations) in four areas of Myanmar i.e. Paleik (Mandalay), Chauk, Yenangyaung and Yangon. Most of the natural gas vehicles (97%) are located in Yangon. All these vehicles are consuming around 21 mmscfd of natural gas from the onshore Nyaungdon gas field. He also highlighted the initiative taken by MOGE to ensure the safety of CNG cylinders by establishing a CNG Cylinder Recertification Centre in 2010. It is now mandatory for all 5 years old or more CNG cylinders installed onboard natural gas vehicles to be tested and recertified by MOGE. The next two speakers Punnachai Footrakul, Vice President – NGV Marketing, PTT Plc and Chairani Rachmatullah, Senior Manager - Energy Planning & Evaluation, PT PLN concluded the first half of Day One. Punnachai spoke on Thailand’s NGV experience with the topic “Sustaining the NGV Business Growth in Thailand” while Chairani shared Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company’s experience in utilizing CNG. She presented on “CNG Utilization for Power Generation – Experience from World’s Largest CNG and Storage Utilization User”.

The forum’s Gold Sponsor, Hexagon Lincoln, presented after lunch with the topic “Efficient Pipeless Gas Transportation for the Transport, Industrial and Power Generation Sectors”. Hexagon Lincoln’s Regional Sales Director – Asia Pacific, Goh Tat Chuan gave the presentation. Lee Giok Seng, Executive Director, ANGVA gave another presentation on “Developing a Sustainable NGV Market”. Jonas Giuliani, Asia Pacific Markets Development Manager from SAFE S.p.A continued next with a presentation on “CNG Infrastructure Expansion with Effective and Tailored Refuelling Solutions”

A Panel Discussion on “Forging Ahead with CNG for Transport, Industry and Power Generation” was convened with 4 panellists comprising of Robbie Sukardi (APGNGI), Punnachai Footrakul (PTT PLC), Goh Tat Chuan (Hexagon Lincoln), and U Zeya Thura Mon (Managing Director –Zeya & Associates, Myanmar). The Panel Discussion was moderated by Lee Giok Seng, Executive Director of ANGVA.

The second day began with an important overview on “The role of Natural Gas in Myanmar’s National Energy Policy”. Col. Thoung Win (Retd.), Chairman of the Energy and Renewable Energy Committee of the Myanmar Engineering Society is involved in the preparation of Myanmar’s National Energy Policy that is expected to be approved by the government in six months’ time. The National Energy Policy covers nine (9) sectors including the Oil and Natural Gas Sector. Under the Oil and Natural Gas sector, the policy objective includes expanding energy transportation infrastructure in order to transport energy to consumers and to expand utilization programmes of CNG for oil substitute and LPG as substitute for domestic fuels.

The next speaker, U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing, Chairman of Myanmar’s Smart Group of Companies presented on an “Overview of the Power Sector and Outlook of Utilizing Natural Gas to Meet Increasing Demand”. U Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing highlighted that recoverable natural gas reserves from offshore of Myanmar is around 19 TCF on the low side and 40 TCF on the high side.

Two case studies on utilizing CNG for Industries were presented after the break. Robbie Sukardi, President of the CNG Association of Indonesia (APCNGI) spoke on “Utilizing CNG for Industries and Industrial Estates – Case Study Indonesia”; and Dinh Dang Vu, Manager of Planning and Sales, PetroVietnam Southern Gas gave a final presentation on “Effective CNG Mother-Daughter Infrastructure and Gas Transportation for Industries in Vietnam”.

After lunch the delegation visited MOGE’s NGV Refuelling Station and MOGE’s CNG Cylinder Recertification Centre.

In conclusion, first movers' advantage into Myanmar's CNG industry will benefit the most from this highly promising and lucrative marketplace. Special thanks to all speakers, Gold Sponsor, Exhibitors and participants for making the inaugural 1st Myanmar CNG for Transport, Industry and Power 2014 a success.
We look forward to welcoming you again at our next CNG event in Myanmar.
* Information is also provided by Lee Giok Seng, Executive Director, ANGVA