Jun 9, 2014

Telenor to debut cheap SIM cards in September

Telenor will introduce its telecom service in September by selling SIM cards for Ks 1,500 (about US$1.60) apiece, company said in a press release.

It will not be necessary to register in advance to buy a Telenor SIM card. Customers can buy as many SIM cards as they like as long as they can show a National Registration Card, Telenor staff said.

Internet speed on the 3G network will depend on how many users are surfing in a particular area, but the lowest speed should range from 700 Kbps to 1 Mbps at peak user time and the highest from 4-6 Mbps, Telenor staff said.

The range in the the 2G network could be as low as 100-150 Kbps during peak hours in some locations. Telenor said it plans to offer a 4G service if there are enough handsets on the market to support one.

Telenor plans to construct 8,000 telecom towers across the country, but is facing a massive hurdle to install the first 1,000 stations by September. After the first thousand are installed it plans to add 300 to 400 per month.

The speed of mobile internet connections occasionally exceed 1 Mbps on the 3G network, but are usually about 100 Kbps. Internet connections via a smart phone are either slow or nonexistent, users say.

Telenor said it plans to open 200 SIM cards sales centres and will also sell the cards through 100,000 SIM retail shops nationwide.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media