Apr 10, 2014

Subcommittee to ease importing of foreign goods

The Trade Development Sub Committee (TDSC) has been in discussion with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism to ease restrictions on the importing of wine and other foreign goods.

Online applications for import/export entrepreneur licences as well as business agent licences were initiated in early February over a trial period.

This means that businesses no longer have to ask permission from the Myanmar Investment Commission and that foreign companies can import goods such as wine, oil and other foreign products avoiding cumbersome bureaucratic procedures.

The new licences also grant private businessmen permission to import lubricants through ports not just in Yangon, but also in Mawlamyine, Pathein and Sittway.

Moreover, they allow the import of edible oil without wight restrictions and for the daily updating of money exchange rates at border trade camps.

Government sub-committees are usually formed to facilitate negotiations between Ministries and state or regional authorities to comply with news laws or tasks.

A total of 27 sub-committees, including the TDSC, has so far been established.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media