Apr 1, 2014

Companies show strong interest in Yangon's waste service

Local and foreign companies expressed a strong interest in residential waste management service for Yangon City, according to Yangon City Development Committee.

Khin Win, a senior official from YCDC said the city's waste collection and removal service currently under the control of the committee has been put out to tender from local and foreign companies for privatisation as it's making loss.

He said a number of companies have showed their interests to operate in the services though the exact number of companies preparing for the tender cannot be revealed yet.

Yangon City officials will pick companies among them depending on their garbage collection fees.

"They will have to submit their own proposed fees for garbage collection service in their tenders. Currently the YCDC is running the services which make no profits. For that, we will need to consider whether they can actually run the services or not. If they can, how much they will charge for the collection? Our department will choose companies which meet international standards and depending on their fees," said Khin Win.

The service currently run by the YCDC is reportedly without any profits and its revenue actually did not meet its own cost, according to officials. Some reviewed that it could be a burden for the public if the new fees asked by the private companies for the service are higher than the current rates.

Some also viewed that a better garbage collection system would appear if the service is privatized.

Nearly 1600 tons of garbage are disposed daily in the city.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media