Mar 9, 2014

DuPont opens office in Myanmar

DuPont has announced the opening of its business operations in Myanmar, with commitment to helping address the country’s challenges in feeding the growing population, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and protecting people and the environment.

Myanmar becomes the 8th ASEAN country and the 19th Asia territory where DuPont has a presence. DuPont Myanmar focuses on strengthening its local presence through collaboration with local partners to offer science-powered solutions in agriculture, food, energy and construction as well as supporting community initiatives and local people development.

“Myanmar has one of the fastest growing economies and a promising potential to advance ASEAN’s growth. Today’s office opening reflects our long-term commitment in helping meet the country’s needs in agriculture and food, energy and environmental protection,” said Hsing Ho, DuPont ASEAN Group Managing Director.

Hsing added, “DuPont is applying its broad range of scientific knowledge and innovation to address these urgent needs. We believe that no company alone can solve them. We intend to work collaboratively with government, NGOs, academic, customers and business partners to find sustainable solutions. We call this ‘The Global Collaboratory’ which means a spirit of working together to solve the country’s challenges for a better, safer, healthier life of the people.”

Source: Business Standard