Jan 20, 2014

Myanmar to build resorts on four islands in Taninthari Region

The Myeik Public Corporation will build international standard resorts on four islands located in Kyunsu Township of Taninthari Region over the next four years, according to local reports.

“Currently, the Myeik Public Corporation has fully invested in the resort construction projects. In the past few days, we have been surveying the current situation of the islands, the chosen sites for construction of buildings and the availability of fresh water. We are going to instruct the foreign experts to begin the buildings’ designs with the aim of completing construction four years after the start of the coming fiscal year,” said Thet Soe, the Corporation’s project director.

“Foreign tourists aren’t interested in high-rise buildings. They [foreign tourists] want to see the natural scenic beauty of the sea, underground coral reefs, and the lifestyle of Salon nationals. We are going to build resorts to meet international standards without exploiting natural resources.

Moreover, we have a plan to run ferry services for tourists who will visit the islands via Myeik and Kawtthaung Townships,” added Thet Soe.

The four islands are suitable for building the resorts because of their scenic beauty, beaches and availability of fresh water.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media