Dec 2, 2013

Myanmar gets US$350m from seafood export

Myanmar has earned more than US$350 million from over 200,000 tons of fisheries products exported in the past eight months of this fiscal year (2013-14), according to Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development.

The country expected to earn US$ 440 million this year from the seafood export through the normal trade routes.

And it also expected to earn US$ 260 million from the seafood export through border trade route in this year.

The country has exported more than 96,000 metric tons of fisheries products through normal trade route and over 110,000 metric tons of the products through border trade route during the period.

In total, it expected to earn US$ 700 million from the seafood export through both routes for the whole year.

Last fiscal year, the country earned more than US$ 650 million from the seafood export which went mostly to China.

Eel and crab were the biggest earners for export among others during this year.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media