Dec 15, 2013

5th Annual Mobile Payments & E-Commerce Emerging Markets/Asia Pacific 2014 Summit to be held in Yangon

Event Date 13-14 February 2014
Event Venue Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
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Contact Name Merilynn
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Event Description The 5th Annual Mobile Payments & E-Commerce Emerging Markets/Asia Pacific 2014 Summit is set to take place on 13-14 February 2014 at Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar after its successful runs in Singapore, Vietnam, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Cambodia.

Why Myanmar?
The Central Bank of Myanmar is now promoting mobile banking and payments in Myanmar. E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce is about to boom in this new emerging economy. Indeed, Myanmar's business landscape could be drastically reshaped through the fast adoption of Mobile Commerce and E-Commerce, especially with the two foreign telcos rolling out their new services in 2014. Businesses in Myanmar can establish partnership, collaboration or joint ventures with telcos, e-Commerce companies & banks, capitalizing on current mobile trends and technologies, to rollout new business or product offerings and earn new and ancillary revenue. Join this Summit to learn and network with experts to prepare for the approaching waves of mobile revolution.

Emerging Market Opportunities
In other emerging markets in Asia Pacific & the Middle East, there are also arising new opportunities in Mobile Payments and E-Commerce. In addition to Myanmar, the Summit will also focus on Tapping New Opportunities in Mobile Payments and e-Commerce in regions including Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia. Expect to meet the mobile payments and e-commerce industry experts who will share their case studies on the successful deployment of mobile payments, mobile banking and e-commerce in emerging markets.

This timely Summit aims to be a learning and networking platform bringing together decision makers and corporate leaders from banks, telcos, ICT, internet sectors and enterprise end-users. Prepare now for the upcoming mobile revolution.

To register, e-mail or call +65 6391 2549.