Oct 31, 2013

Myanmar revises electricity prices to cover production cost

The Yangon City Electricity Supply Board have partly revised the electricity charge prices for the first time in two years in a bid to cover the producing and purchasing cost of electricity to a certain extent, according to the board's public announcement Tuesday.

The electricity charge prices for public household will remain unchanged as 35 Kyats (0.036 U.S. dollar) per unit on consumption of power from one unit to 100 units, while that above 100 units will be changed to 50 Kyats per unit.

The charge prices for public industry, enterprises and lump sum will also remain unchanged as 100 Kyats per unit on consumption from one unit to 5,000 units, while that above 5,000 units will be revised to 150 Kyats per unit.

The charge prices for government departments will be 50 Kyats per unit for office use, while that for state industrial use will be 100 Kyats per unit.

The revised prices will be effective from November 2013, the announcement said.

The existing prices, which are two times that in 2006, have been in application since January 2012.

According to 2012 statistics, electricity consumption in the whole of Myanmar reached about 1,555 megawatt (mw), of which Yangon consumed about 667 mw as many business and industrial enterprises are based in the city.

Of the total consumption of electricity in Yangon region, public consumption takes up 294.55 mw, industrial and business enterprises 123.36 mw and hospitals, government departments and high schools 109.27 mw.

Source: Xinhua