Oct 20, 2013

My My Myanmar- Tales From the New Frontier of Capitalism by Australian Author, Jonathan Nichols

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About the Book:

My My Myanmar tells of the journey of two real estate experts as they attempt to build Hare and Tortoise Inc. – the first foreign-owned property company in Myanmar. It is an unlikely pairing of a physically impaired architect, the Tortoise, and an over-energized property developer, the Hare. They battle cronyism, cultural indifference and a local government that is far more adept at procuring international aid than providing investment opportunities to foreign businessmen. They surge forward in spite of it all, proverbially betting the house and literally on the success of the sudden, exciting, and potentially perilous blossoming of Myanmar.
It is a tale wrought from a true story to provide thorough insight on the sometimes complex dynamics of the Myanmar real estate market. It is a tell-all account of what can happen, based on the experiences of two foreign investors who have been there and done it. Through a series of short, sharp sometimes surreal episodes, Jonathan Nichols offers an informative and stark glimpse into one of the most talked about business opportunities in the world. The names of the characters and some of the circumstances in My My Myanmar are fictitious to prevent recognition and preserve reputations – and possibly a life or two!

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