Sep 9, 2013

MYANMAR FOR FOREIGN DUMMIES- The Businessman’s 18 Point Guide to Myanmar

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wisdom from an Australian Entrepreneur's Mouth August 28, 2013

Jonathan Nichols has over ten years of experience related to Asia, and in his career he has worked in many developing markets across a broad range of industries. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Sydney University and has a wealth of business experience. He left Australia in 2002, sojourned in Hong Kong and became enamored with the Asian culture and lifestyle. Then came April 20, 2012 - international trade sanctions against Myanmar were suspended. `I, Jonathan Nichols, a young entrepreneur was among the thousands of foreign businessmen who were drawn, maybe sucked, into the land.' He had never even visited Myanmar prior to 2012 and found it completely different to any other market he'd ever experienced.

This reviewer read Jonathan Nichols successful book PUK TIME STORIES AND BUSINESS LESSONS and introduced thus: `Jonathan Nichols, a feisty young Australian entrepreneur, shares with us the journey he experienced his arrival on April 20, 2012, the day that Hilary Clinton, the United States Secretary of State, announced the suspension of trade sanctions against Myanmar. What appeared to be the chance of a lifetime - being present at the gate when the economic potential of trade with Myanmar opened - turned into a close study of the history of a country torn for many years by bizarre influences, the influence of the culture, and the idiosyncrasies of the people who were all too ready to begin to make money in the new atmosphere, but were a bit inept at doing so.' Now after more time in Myanmar he presents this brief but very informative book for foreign dummies.

`To succeed in Myanmar it is important to observe cultural differences and respect the local people. The world closed its doors on the country decades ago. They are now unlocked.

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