Aug 28, 2013

Myanmar to sign visa exemptions with ASEAN countries

Myanmar will sign reciprocal visa exemption with ASEAN countries next fiscal year, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During a parliamentary session on Monday, Deputy Minister Tin Oo Lwin said that Myanmar and Laos signed a reciprocal 14-day visa exemption for ordinary passport holders in 2006. It will try to sign visa exemptions with the other ASEAN countries in the next fiscal year.

Myanmar has received over US$29 billion from visa fees collected by its embassies, permanent missions, and consulates in international countries from April 2011 to May 2013.

Respective offices transfer the money they have collected for issuing visas, testimonials, and extending passports and issue new ones to Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank in Euros every three month.

The bank then transfers the money to respective ministries in equivalent Kyat, the deputy minister added. Myanmar has signed an agreement with Cambodia, Indonesia, and Philippines in June to develop a smart visa system for tourism development in the region.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media