Aug 8, 2013

Interview with Vladimir Neduchal, the founder of  to fuel to ever increasing Online recruitment battle on Myanmar market. There have appeared many online recruitment agencies along with some „sound“ recruitment international names, with many special projects and financial modules recently.

We have talked to founder of one of the newcomers to that area  Mr.Vladimir Neduchal, FACE 24 Ltd.,Co.

MBN: Why do you believe there is still a place for such a service?

Vladimir:  The recent Myanmar GDP figures and the overall interest in this awakening economy have fueled the beginnings of a real recovery in the professional jobs market.  The latest data reveals an upturn in both permanent and temporary vacancies & placements with some notable sector hotspots (Oil & Energy, Telco etc.). If you work in recruitment and are under pressure to deliver more, for less, you really need to be at the race.

MBN: Can you shortly describe your new page?

Vladimir: The new site features a streamlined look, designed with user experience in mind.
We have created a way of recruiting people that keeps all the good things that we’ve learnt from past experiences (company members), for example the need for a personal touch, integrity and simplicity. And being an online internet site we had involved things like speed, efficiency and above all incredible cost savings.
Putting together technologies with a deep understanding of what it's like to be an employer searching for a new employee, or a job seeker looking for the next career step,  embodies everything I believe is right about recruitment.

MBN: Well, what are the main advantages vs. traditional recruitment agencies for employers?

Vladimir: has a unique workflow engine and very flexible design. That allows an unrivaled level of customization with very low cost and shortest delivery times. Our suite of automated e-recruiting tools significantly reduces administration costs so company return on investment is measurable in weeks rather than months or years. enables online registration, applications and time sheet entry while multiple job posting, automated replay  handling and CV data serarch which enormously reduces administration time. Once being registered may search all CVs within the whole database, can activate job ads and set up unique filters to simplify the search. Once contact is established, there is no delay or admin to hinder creating of relationship with potential candidates. We will have a certain period of time FREE advertising of the jobs at our page, so be quick to register.

MBN: What is there for me as a job seeker?

Vladimir: We created our new  with the desire to build a candidate-centric site, including content and functionality to provide an exceptional candidate experience. For the job seeker they will find new ways to search for jobs, be alerted to new openings, and see the sites on their mobile device in the future.Job seekers services are all FREE with couple of promotions to come. (Find the details here)

MBN: If you find successful, what will be your other plan?

Vladimir: We prepare also a new career information portal, coming in  months to come,which  will offer as well expert advice and resources designed to shorten even more the job search cycle. For example one could learn how to improve employer brand, use social networking sites to find passive candidates,how to adopt virtual recruiting strategies or make better screening techniques, review your existing technologies,  understand industry metrics and overall how to keep ahead of new trends and developments.

MBN: Are you designed only for Yangon region?

Vladimir: No, we are designed for the whole Myanmar market. We are open page for all interested parties around the world, taking interest in Myanmar job market.

MBN: We wish a successful start with many registered employers and job seekers.

Vladimir: Thank you.