Jul 23, 2013

Italy's Ferrero chocolate brand launches in Myanmar

Italy-based Ferrero Chocolate has been granted permission to export its products to Myanmar and distribute them locally. The move was announced at a ceremony to appoint an official sales representative held at the Park Royal Hotel on July 15.

Ferrero is a global brand producing many products, including the bite-sized Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Pocket Coffee, Mon Cheri, Giotto, Tic Tac breath mints, Nutella chocolate spread, Raffaello coconut cream candy, and the Kinder line of products to name a few popular ones.

“We will sell our brands across the country. We are officially distributing our products in Southeast Asian countries like China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand. Now, we are distributing and selling chocolate here,” said Marcello Gallo, Ferrero's new sales representative at the ceremony.

Ferrero Spa is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products. It was founded by confectioner Pietro Ferrero in 1946 in Alba, Piedmont, Italy. Ferrero International South Asian headquarters is in Luxembourg and it has its largest factory in Germany. Premiun Distribution Company and Pahtama Group in Myanmar have been appointed as formal representatives of Ferrero.

“Ferrero’s products penetrated the local market in the past. But the product quality is not good enough because they are imported from China and Thailand. The products are now being imported from Italy. So far, the quality is very good,” said Chaw Ngwe Ngwe, Marketing Executive from Premium Distribution Company.

Source: Eleven Media Group


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