Jun 6, 2013

Fruit exports reach $23m in two months

Myanmar’s fruit exports hit US$23 million within the first two months of the fiscal year of 2013-14, according to the Ministry of Commerce. Myanmar has exported over 100,000 tonnes of mangoes, melons, dried plums, and other fruits during the period.

Among the exported fruits, watermelons and mangoes are the most popular. Exports of the two fruits account for 60 percent of the total earnings, as watermelon exports hit $10 million while mango exports reached $4.7 million.

Over 70,000 tonnes of watermelons and 14,000 tonnes of mangoes were exported across sea and land trade routes, mainly to China and Singapore.

In the past, Myanmar exported most of its fruits to China. However, over the last three years it has started to target new markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand as well as participate in international fruit festivals around the world.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media