May 2, 2013

US, EU to build wood products factories in Myanmar

The United States and the European countries have planned to invest in the manufacturing of furnished wood products in Myanmar, according to the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.

Myanmar will stop log exports in 2014 which is one of the results for foreign countries to establish manufacture factories in the country.
“The ministry is promoting the forestry products to be high valued products as the log export plan will be begun next year and it is important that furnished wood products are able to be exported as well. Now, the US and EU are going to build furnished wood products factories in the country,” said an official from the ministry.

Asian companies are also in talks with the authorities to establish value-added wood product factories.
Bar Bar Cho from Myanmar Timber Entrepreneurs Association said “the US and EU are the main market holders for furnished wood products. As raw materials, the wood products have been exported to regional countries including China and India," he added" On March 3, Myanmar has adopted the system of using timber certification in order to penetrate the EU market. The ministry supports Timber Legality Assurance System – TLAS to make sure the legality of the Myanmar timbers.

The western countries have allowed resuming import wood product from Myanmar. Its competitive wood products account for only ten per cent of the total log exports.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media