May 29, 2013

US$ 650 million investment for coal-fired power plant

The authorities is planning to build a 600- MW coal-fired power plant in Kalewa Township and are currently collecting data on the environmental impact assessments.

Hydropower Implementation Department under the Ministry of Electric Power signed an agreement to implement Mawleik Hydropower Project and Kalewa coal-fired power plant with China Guodian Corporation of the People’s Republic of China and Tun Thwin Mining Company on May 29, 2010, State-owned daily newspaper reported.

“The authorities have already sent related documents of the project to NLD's office branch. It is not official. But they invited townelders and NLD members with official invitation letters to discuss for construction of the plant. We must decide whether it is accepted or not without including EIA and Social Impact Assessment. The research was conducted by the expert to create job opportunities for local people” Aung Zaw Oo, Secretary of NLD in Kalaywa Township said.

“We want electricity. But there must be greater transparency. So, I have not accepted it yet not because we don’t want electricity but because negative impact will affect our region. The meeting did not take place in our locality. In my point of view, there is no transparency,’’ Phyo Thaw Oo, a resident from Kalaywa Township said.

The project is expected to be spent around US$ 650 million and it is likely to be between Panchisu and Paluwa villages in northern part of Kalaywa Township. Six possible places have been chosen for the project site.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media