May 29, 2013

Over 9,000 tons of raw rubber material exported

Some 9,000 metric tonnes of raw rubber worth of US$27 million were exported by sea within the first four months of 2013.

Of 9,000 metric tonnes of raw rubber material, 1,517 metric tonnes were exported to Singapore, 2,110 metric tonnes to China and 6,131 metric tonnes to Malaysia.

Myanmar exports rubber to neighboring countries not only by sea but also through borders. More than 4,000 metric tonnes of rubber were exported via Myanmar-China and Myanmar-Thailand border trade centers in April. It was worth over US$ 13 million.

Despite high volume in the export of rubber this year, its price is declining in the international market and the ministry is earning less. Local rubber market is also down this year and a ton of RSS 3 rubber is about US$ 2,550 in the market.

Myanmar is currently exporting RSS1, RSS 3, RSS 5, MSR 10, MSR 20 and MSR 50 types of rubbers.

Last year, Myanmar exported over 90,000 metric tonnes of rubber through normal sea routes and border gates and earned US$ 264 million.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media