May 1, 2013

Northern Shan State to have liquefied natural gas plants

Taremoenyae Chanthar Company and Sunshine KAIDI new energy Group Co. Ltd in China will cooperate to build four liquefied natural gas plants in Shan State (North).

“This project will take four years. The company will buy over 600,000 acres of land to construct these four natural gas plants. There is no environmental impact,” Su latt Thant Zin Win, Assistant General Manager from Taremoenyae Chanthar Wood-based Industry said.

The company will grow the trees that can produce the liquefied natural gas to run the plants in four years.

She also said that the project will create job opportunities for the local people. Wood cutting for raw materials will be systematically carried out without environmental impact.

If the company can’t buy the required 650,000-acre land plot for the project, they must try to buy 150,000 acres of land plot to build a factory and will strive to operate for a trial run.

She presented her review on joining hand with the Chinese Company, they would have to produce biomass petrol, biomass diesel and biomass jet fuel according to the international standard after construction of the plant. Their Chinese company had build Coal power plant joining hand with Vietnam-based Company. That is why; the company had been awarded by Vietnamese government.

Taremoenyae Chanthar Company is running with 6-company such as Taremoenyae Chanthar Trading Limited, Tarmoenyae Chanthar wood-based industry, Tarmoenyae Chanthar mine exploration Co;Ltd, Tarmoenyae Chanthar Thu Wai Thar Company Limited, Chan Thar Gems Company Limited and construction company limited. Now, Tarmoenyae Chanthar wood-based industry will cooperate with Sunshine KAIDI new energy Group Co.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media