May 27, 2013

Myanmar’s wood export hits US$30 million

Myanmar earned about US$30 million last year from export of wood and finished wood products, according to Myanmar Timber Merchants Association.

About 70 companies exported a total of 28663 tonnes of wood to India, China, Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia and the European countries during the previous year, Aung Naing Oo, Assistant Secretary General of Myanmar Timber Merchants Association, said.

He said, “Both wood and finished wood products, such as floor tiles, furniture and decorated wood are exported to other countries. The association helps the timber merchants in exporting their products.”

Myanmar currently has just over 70 wood factories. In 2003-04, more than 200 factories operated in the country but most stopped in the past years.

Some of the factories are now trying to resume the business while foreign companies are also interested in setting up finished wood factories here in view of market prospects.

Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry announced log export will be banned starting from April 1, 2014.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media