May 18, 2013

Myanmar’s low-cost SIM card reaches US$ 550

Myanmar’s low-cost SIM card price has reached 500,000 kyats [about $555] apiece in Mandalay’s resale market as the card’s numbers are assumed “beautiful”, although it’s officially priced at 1500 kyats [about $2] apiece to sell, according to sources.

The cards which got the higher prices have numbers that are assumed as “beautiful”, something like having the serial numbers like “123456 …”, and having numbers like “7777” or “9999” as their last four numbers, according to the markets.

Local mobile shops are selling the cards at a starting price of 100,000 kyats (about $111) according to the numbers.

“I sold a card numbered “093308 9999” to one of my acquaintances for 500,000 kyats. I am also seeking a number which has numbers the same like my date of birth to buy,” said a young people from Amarapura Township in Mandalay.

A Sagaing resident said he bought a card which has four last numbers as the same for 450,000 kyats (about $500).

The insufficient quota system for each township which started on April 24 has reportedly forced the price up.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media