May 22, 2013

Myanmar to form “trade facilitation” force

Myanmar is going to form a trade facilitation task force to streamline export and import procedures and cut red tape in the government departments, according to the President Office’s Minister Tin Naing Thein.

He said the National Level Trade Facilitation Task Force will cooperate with private sectors, and the public will also be solicited for their opinions in the process.

“To streamline the trade process of Myanmar, working groups will be formed between the government departments and the private sectors. The groups will discuss what needs to change and will report it to the respective ministry. The ministries will evaluate and publicize the reports in the newspaper to solicit the public’s opinions,” Tin Naing Thein said.

There will be systematic implementation of the outcomes of the working groups’ discussions which will focus on the difficulties and problems traders are facing, he added.

Professor Dr Aung Tun Thet said, “Result is as important as the process. Myanmar usually lays excellent plans, but is weak in implementation. They need to conduct various measurements.”

The management expert noted the working groups should emphasize achieving the results they target.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media