May 31, 2013

Myanmar gets nearly US$300 million from agricultural exports

Myanmar has collected nearly US$300 million from agricultural exports from April 1st to May 17 this fiscal year 2013-14, according to official figures from the ministry of commerce.

This year’s total earnings amounted to US$289 million which saw a slight decline, compared with last year’s US$309 million earnings during that period.

Among the exports, beans and peas are the agricultural products which received the most earnings with over US$110 million, the ministry said.

Other agro-products such as rice and rice-related products only received just over US$51 million, but it’s more than that of the last year.

The country exported over four million tons of agricultural products during the last fiscal year 2012-13 and earned US$2.4 billion for the whole year.

It exports the products usually by sea and through border trade centers along the border areas with its neighboring countries such as China, Thailand, India and Bangladesh.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media