May 27, 2013

Mobile telecommunication companies to assist Myanmar’s GDP increase

Myanmar will have a boost in GDP within three years after telecommunication companies receive their license to operate, according to the survey of Ericsson Communication.

“Most users in South East Asia are interested to use mobile phones for communication and internet surfing. According to the analysis of globalization broadband, if the mobile density is increased to 10 per cent, we found out that 1 per cent of GDP is increased. If they use internet, the GDP will increase to 0.3 per cent,” Arun Bansal, the Head of South East Asia and Oceania of Ericsson said.

The mobile operators can create over 60,000 full time jobs to locals and other 24,000 full time jobs will occur with mobile network expansion, he continued.

“The telecommunication technology will bring positive effects to economic and social organization in Myanmar. After a few years, we will see eminent benefits in economic and life of the national,” he commented.

At present, the Telecommunication Operator Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee have chosen 12 companies from local and overseas to compete for the remaining two operators places.

The committee will announce the name of two operators in June, according to the committee release.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media