May 6, 2013

Mandalay to build 20 hotels providing over 1400 rooms

Twenty hotels providing over 1,400 rooms will be built in Mandalay to meet growing demands for hotel rooms, according to Mandalay Region's Hotels and Tourism Department.

"The number of tourist arrivals kept increasing in Mandalay over the years, but we never have any hotel shortages before. At present, about 20 hotels are being built in Mandalay with permission from the authorities," said Myo Myint, head of hotels and tourism department (Mandalay Region).

He said the rise of hotel industry in Mandalay is due to the relaxation of restrictions on hotel construction licenses and a growing interest of businessmen in the hotel industry.

He added that some hotel projects were originally planned as housing projects but were allowed to change in accordance with regulations.

Tour guides say the city might not be able to cope with tourist demand when an influx of tourists arrives. At present, Mandalay has a total of 83 hotels, providing over 3500 rooms.

In 2013, Mandalay's tourist arrival rose in January, attracting over 22,000 visitors, but has been declining since February. The city received over 21,000 visitors in February and over 20,000 visitors in March.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media