May 9, 2013

Japan-based Pokka to build factory

Japan-based Pokka soft drinks and beverages is planning to build its factory at Hlaingtharyar Industrial zone, according to a source close to Kaung Htat Myanmar Company which got the distribution license of Pokka.

“We are still under discussion on this matter with Pokka Company,” said an official from Kaung Htat Myanmar Company.

Kaung Htat Myanmar Company has received the license for distribution of Pokka, and Munchi and their main business is the distribution of Star LP gas, Hinthar Media, selling of medicine, and Samsung and Singtech mobile phones. The company is led by Kyi Soe and Min Banyar.

Kyi Soe is the managing director of Pinya Manufacturing Company Limited and Myanmar Mayson manufacturing company limited. He has owned many shares in other businesses.
Min Banyar comes from socialist era business community and he is doing businesses not only in Myanmar but also in some south East Asian countries.

Pokka is a popular brand in Myanmar and their intention for building the factory is to sell at more reasonable price than the present price.

Pokka soft drinks are a Japan based company and has got many market shares in Asia –Pacific region. It was established in 1977. Pokka include not only soft drinks but also confectionery and foodservice.

Pokka Company is also manufacturing coffee and tea and importing to over 50 countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Moreover, there are 27 restaurants in Hong Kong, Singpore and Macao.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media