May 18, 2013

Import license requirements dropped for about 600 goods

Trade liberalization in Myanmar saw license requirements dropped for another batch of import commodities that covers about 600 imported goods, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Earlier, the commerce ministry relaxed license requirements for 166 import commodities including electronic goods, processed foods and furniture.

As the authorities added more than 400 goods on the list, traders are therefore no longer required to apply import licenses for 593 kinds of goods which include garments, paper products, paints, cosmetics, automobile spare-parts, tyres, construction materials, electrical appliances, computer accessories, and medical products.

Last February, a total of 152 export commodities such as agricultural, industrial, forestry, CMP (cutting, making and packing) and animal products were also made license free.

The Ministry of Commerce previously said they will cut the unnecessary steps in their office procedures. Since the civil government took office in 2010, Myanmar government ministries are cutting red tape and streamlining their process to boost trade and investments in the country.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media