Apr 25, 2013

World Finance Magazine honors Best Corporate Governance award to Kanbawza Group

World Finance Magazine honored the Best Corporate Governance award 2013 to Kanbawza Group, according to the announcement of the magazine.

Kanbawza has been chosen along with AECOM from USA, South Korea-based Samsung, Phillips from Netherland and GlaxoSmithKline from UK and the award will be honored during June, 2013.

The prize is the first time for Myanmar companies and the magazine printed about it in March and April issues of Word Finance Magazine.

World Finance is a financial magazine produced every two months by World News Media, based in the UK and covering finance, economics major companies. The magazine hosts a series of annual awards for companies and organizations in the banking sector.

It is connected with news media such as Bloomberg, FT.com and Reuters and has chosen best corporate governance award to business organizations and corporations with the help of news media, editors and news agencies.

The award is based upon best governance, transparency within organization, donating and supporting on non-governmental organizations.

Kanbawza group has many businesses such as banking, insurance, aviation business, construction, cement, communication, mining, garment industry and oil industry and has depended as a private company until now. Aung Ko Win is Chairman of the group and his families are in the Board of Directors.

The prize has been awarded to Microsoft Corp. from USA, Japan based Toyota Motor Corp., Germany based BMW, UK based HSBC, Malaysia based CIMB, Royal Dutch Shell from Netherland, Singapore Keppel, Sweden based Volvo, Switzerland based Nestle and Thailand based The Siam Cement group in 2012.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media