Apr 29, 2013

International shipments at Yangon port double in decade

The number of international shipments at Yangon port has doubled within one year, the highest volume in a decade, according to Myanmar Port Authority.

In the fiscal year 2012-13, a total of 2,196 shipments were called at business hub of Yangon. This amount has doubled up if compared with 951 shipments during 2002-2003, their reports said.

“If we compare now with ten years ago, the number of shipment to the port has been doubling annually. It is 100 percent growth every year,” an official from Myanmar Port Authority said.

Most of the ships at Yangon berth at Asia World Port located in the downtown area. The port has been recently extended into a wharf named Htee Tan to receive more ships.

Yangon port is currently handling about 85 percent of the country’s export and import volume. It is frequently facing port congestion as more ships come in and more cargoes arrive here.

Yangon port has a total of 16 wharfs from Htee Tan to Thanhlyatsoon area, and three more wharfs are under construction. There are three inland container depots in Yangon.

The Yangon Port Development Plan would upgrade existing facilities to meet international standard and increase capacity to receive larger vessels.

The port expansion will take place in Myanmar Industrial Port’s area, Theinbyu shipyard, Ahlon Forest Department’s area and Asia World Port’s wharf (4). Sixteen new wharfs will be built, according to the port development plan.

After the port development plan is completed, there will be total 32 wharfs, and 33 ships may berth at Yangon simultaneously.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media


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