Apr 29, 2013

France to cooperate with Myanmar in livestock breeding

France will cooperate with Myanmar in livestock breeding sector, according to Union Daily Saturday.

It was touched upon when French Commercial Counselor Sara Lubeight met with officials of Myanmar Livestock Federation in Yangon on April 22.

For introducing technology on agriculture and livestock breeding as well as expanding business and investment in Myanmar, French businessmen will meet with Myanmar entrepreneurs by holding business matchings in the country.

In November this year, seminar including French group on agriculture and livestock breeding will be launched, inviting to join Myanmar private entrepreneurs.

According to official figures, Myanmar's import from France totaled 34.48 million U.S. dollars in 2012.

France's investment in Myanmar amounted to about 469 million U. S. dollars as of February 2013 since Myanmar opened to such investment in late 1988.

On Monday, the European Union (EU) has lifted total sanctions against Myanmar, with the exception of the embargo on arms which will remain in place, in recognition of the remarkable process of reform in Myanmar.

Source: Xinhua