Mar 2, 2013

Myanmar grants import, export without producing licenses

Myanmar Ministry of Commerce has granted local traders to trade 318 items of goods (except prohibited ones) freely without need to produce licenses starting March 1, local media reported Wednesday.

The 318 items include 152 export items and 166 import items, said the 7-Day News.

License-free export items cover products related to agriculture, marine, forestry, animal, industry and others.

License-free import items include luxury products, electrical appliances, consumers products, clothing and textile and fresh fruits.

The authorities will add more items to be traded freely starting April 1.

According to official statistics, Myanmar's foreign trade amounted to 18.089 billion U.S. dollars in 2012.

Of the total during the year, the export took 8.888 billion dollars while the import represented 9.201 billion dollars.

Source: Xinhua