Feb 2, 2013

Myanmar VP calls for granting PR to foreigners in Myanmar

Myanmar Vice President U Nyan Tun has called for granting Permanent Residence (PR) to foreigners who would like to help the country, official daily New Light of Myanmar reported Saturday.

Nyan Tun, who is also chairman of the Permanent Residence System Management Committee, said at the committee's meeting in Nay Pyi Taw Friday that permanent residence is a prerequisite for attracting foreign investors.

He said that as the move was the first time for the country to provide PR to foreigners, the process would be implemented in line with the national interest and security in legal, national and international aspects.

He also quoted the President U Thein Sein as saying in meeting with Myanmar citizens in the United States on his U.S. tour last year that the government has a plan to grant permanent residence to Myanmar nationals in foreign countries and foreigners who would contribute their experience and expertise to economic development of the country as the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship law does not allow dual citizenship.

Source: Xinhua