Feb 14, 2013

Myanmar expects to earn almost US$1 billion from beans and pulses export

Myanmar is expected to earn up to US$1 billion from exports of beans for this year, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

The country has so far generated US$800 million from bean export, the ministry said.

Myanmar attained over US$ 2 billion from the agricultural products export, said an official from the ministry, who requested not to be named.

Despite Myanmar has earned over US$800 million from beans and pulses export, if we calculate the profits from February and March, the export volume can reach nearly US$1 billion, the official of the ministry added.

The current trade volume of Myanmar has reached nearly US$16 billion, two months ahead of the fiscal year.

In this year, the export figure of border trading has increased than the previous, and the figure is nearly US$ 3 billion, the Ministry also released.

The current import volume is over US$8 billion. Among them, the import volume relating to the investment is US$3.5 billion. The goods of duty free are the most in the import volume.

In the export sector, natural gas is the largest volume, but jade which was the second largest export volume in the previous year, cannot be exported yet due to China’s heavy tax control.

Source: Eleven Weekly Media